Sex and Gender Differences in Aging | June 6-7, 2019 Workshop


  • Workshop Agenda
  • The Power, Potential and Promise of Considering Sex and Gender to Advance Health - Chyren Hunter, PhD (Slides)

Topic 1: Comparing Males and Females

  • Comparative Biology of Sex and Aging - Steven Austad, PhD (Slides)
  • Sex Differences in Animal Models - Art Arnold, PhD (Slides)

Topic 2: Pathophysiologic Differences

  • Sex/Gender Differences in MCI/Cognition - Dena Dubal, MD, PhD (Slides)

Topic 3: Sex/Gender in Clinical Care

  • How Do Gender Stereotypes Affect Clinical Care - Cara Tannenbaum, MD, MSc (Slides)
  • Gender Differences and Stress Resilience - Neal Krause, PhD (Slides)

Topic 4: Gender and Health in the Social Context

  • Gender Issues in Caregiver Health - Mieke Beth Thomeer, PhD (Slides)
  • Gender Issues and Addiction - Alison Moore, MD (Slides)