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Job Opportunity: NACC looking for a Research Scientist

Put your scientific training to work advancing research in Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. In this full-time, permanent position, you would have the opportunity to...

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NACC offering new resource locator tool

NACC has a new interactive tool that helps users see which ADCs have resources they’re looking for. The Neuropathologic and Biospecimen Resource Locator Tool draws...

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NACC introduces quick-access full data file

NACC is introducing a new and even faster way to request and receive NACC data: The Quick-access Full Data File. The file contains UDS, NP...

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A new NIA-funded resource synergizes efforts of aging research centers

A blog post about the RCCN from NIA Supervisory Medical Officer Basil Eldadah and NIA Deputy Director, DBSR Dana Plude....

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Tracking the landscape of dementia research and resources

A blog post on dementia research funding and the IADRP from NIA Senior Scientific Program Analyst Dr. Charlene Liggins. ...

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RCCN Webinar Recording | Building Cross-Disciplinary Collaborations in Aging Research

Recording available from Sept 24 webinar featuring Stephen Cummings, M.D....

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