RCCN Workshops

Through a series of workshops, the RCCN will bring together scientists from multiple disciplines, many for the first time.

Our workshops will provide the environment to share views among scientists from different disciplines and to promote conversations and interchanges that otherwise would not happen. By focusing on common problems from differing perspectives, new approaches can emerge for solving important problems facing older persons and our aging society.

The RCCN will foster the development of early-career faculty interest and competencies in multidisciplinary research by sponsoring tailored didactic activities.

Workshop proceedings will be disseminated for the benefit of the larger aging research community and the public. A pilot program tied to the conference series will provide seed money for new inter-center research partnerships.

Upcoming Conferences

Resilience and Reserve in Aging
November 12-13, 2019

The current agenda for this workshop is available here.

The RCCN's third 1.5 day conference will focus on resilience and reserve in aging. The meeting will include sessions on Contributors to Resilience and Reserve, Operationalizing Reserve in the Context of Social Adversity, Resilience: Bouncing Back from Surgery, and Contributors/Interventions to Build Resilience/Reserve. The meeting will be preceded by a session for early career investigators.

To register for the live webcast of this meeting, click here.

Past Conferences

Sex and Gender Differences in Aging
June 6-7, 2019

Presentation slides, recordings, and the workshop agenda are available here.

The RCCN's second 1.5 day conference focused on sex and gender differences in aging. The meeting included sessions on comparing males and females, pathophysiological differences, sex/gender in clinical care, and gender and health in the social context. The meeting was followed by a post-workshop session for early career investigators.

Achieving and Sustaining Behavior Change
to Benefit Older Adults

Dec 6-7, 2018

Access presentation slides, recordings, and the agenda for the workshop here.

The first 1.5 day conference focused on achieving and sustaining behavioral change in older adults. The meeting included sessions on individual and contextual level determinants of achieving and sustaining behavior change, active strategies to achieve and maintain behavior change, the health system’s role in improving health of older adults, and approaches to trial recruitment and health system focused interventions. The meeting was followed by a post-workshop session for early career investigators.